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May 01, 2015

Mental Health Awareness Week 2015

May is here! Between 11-17th May it is Mental Health Awareness Week – a time when people across the world come together to recognise the importance of mental wellbeing.

Here at One Day, we have been busy preparing. In collaboration with the Yorkshire and Humberside NHS, we have launched a Mindfulness drama workshop that provides young people with the chance to explore mindfulness, discuss their feelings and the tools to help manage stress.

We are so excited to be bringing the practice of Mindfulness into the classroom – with different options to meet the needs of every pupil from KS1, KS2 and beyond. Whether our young people are worried about exam pressure, transitioning to secondary school, sleep deprivation or just coping with day-to-day routine – we are there to help. We are also there to share this experience with their parents and teachers, with special adult Mindfulness sessions too.

Please head on over to the Mental Health Foundation website, to see how you can get involved in promoting mental wellbeing this year.

Love, the One Day Team x

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