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Mindfulness: Mindful Superheroes

England, Scotland, Wales

We believe that Mindfulness is a powerful life skill and a key tool to help your primary school pupils become Mindful Superheroes! In this Mindfulness for KS1 workshop, we use creative exercises and drama techniques to introduce the concept of Mindfulness and how it can help pupils both in school and at home. Children leave equipped with practical tips on how to better recognise and talk about their feelings, plus simple tools to help manage stress.

**You can now join us online and browse an exciting digital library of educational videos for primary pupils, including Mindfulness workshops. Click here to visit Uno.**

"One Day created a bespoke package to suit our school, which included sessions for every class (Nursery to Yr 6) as well as a session for staff and governors. The sessions were accessible to all children regardless of need or ability and were very well received. We received emails from parents saying how positive their children had found the lessons. The staff and governors also thoroughly enjoyed the sessions but in doing so were able to see the benefits that could be achieved within their classes. The skills and strategies that were shared were manageable and easy to replicate so as a school we have continued to develop what we were taught. Thank you again for giving us ‘calm’ in a hectic world and the ability to ‘settle our glitter’!"

Deputy Head Teacher

North Tyneside

What the children learn...

  • Explore the concept of Mindfulness
  • Take part in basic mindfulness exercises that can be used at home and in the classroom
  • Examine resilience, and skills and strategies that will help them to be resilient
  • Discuss how to communicate how they are feeling
  • Express ideas and feelings through voice, movement, role play and drama

How this One Day Workshop works:


This workshop can be delivered as one-hour or two-hour workshops across a full day, depending on your class numbers and preference.

Suitable for

KS1 / P1 - 3


Pricing for this workshop ranges from £395-£450 + VAT for the full day depending on the number of classes. Please get in touch for a tailored quote.

What we need from you

A large, clear space (such as a school hall) is ideal so participating children can move around comfortably. The more information you can provide about the needs of your class the better.

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Mindfulness: Mindful Superheroes

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