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March 23, 2015

Life As A One Day Facilitator…

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius.

Before I tell you all about the life of a One Day Director, I must say that I feel immensely privileged to hold such as fantastic role within this inspiring company. I will never experience those Monday blues again, for I love the job I do and I know I always will.

If the phrase ‘One Day Facilitator’ appeared in the dictionary I am pretty sure it would state: ‘Mary Poppins of Art Integration Within Education’. As facilitators, we jump from school to school, meeting a range of wonderful pupils and teachers around the country; teaching different topics using the arts as the main learning medium.

My day-to-day definition: Helping pupils with a cross-curricular experience, positively affecting their development and giving them a memorable day that inspires creativity. That’s before we fly away with our talking-umbrella to our next school!

A morning as a facilitator always begins with….. SAT NAV ON, ready for today’s adventure at a new school. Along the journey, my thoughts drift to the infinite possibilities of what the day could hold. The diversity of schools and pupils keeps us on excited toes – wondering who we may be meeting that day. It is a treasured promise that every morning we are greeted with the biggest smiles from our next class – all excited to experience the One Day Train!

We are extremely lucky to see up-close the positive effects the arts have within learning. We are also fortunate to start the day with a game of Wink Murder and “BOOM CHICKA BOOM” chants! Once I’ve sussed the class by using drama games, I have the chance to see those hidden characters (through the drama) that may not always be noticed behind a desk and white board! This then leads to casting the parts of the play and building confidence ready for performing and learning through the world of the arts!

We have a range of topics to lead using dance or drama, all of them as fantastic as the next. However, we all have our favourite subject to teach. Mine is…… The Stone Age!

I have delivered this workshop hundreds of times yet, with the freedom to tweak the scripts, I deliver a fresh new performance every time! I love it! The chance to see school pupils trading the life of a classroom child for the role of a professional actor in the world of the Stone Age is a unique experience within itself! As a pupil, what could be a better way to learn about the Stone Age, than by becoming a Stone-Ager yourself?! And, of course, the best way to do that is through DRAMA!

To this day, the best quotes from all of the children I have worked with have appeared within this workshop. Including my favourite…

Year 3 Boy: Sam, I know when the Stone Age began!
Me: When was that?
Year 3 Boy: When you were born!

I would like to add, I am only……. 21!!

Much love,


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