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Forces and Magnets (KS2) full day workshops
What impact do forces have on different things? Can we predict how an object will react to a particular force? How do magnets respond to different metals and with one another? Combine drama, science and physical education in this cross-curricular movement extravaganza.
Wonderful World (KS1) 1 hour workshops
The wonderful world around us is a mixed bag of themes for KS1 to explore, imagine and bring to life in your classroom. Choose from one of the following; Weather and Seasons, Space, Rainy Rainforest, Our Carbon Footprint, Living Things, Arctic and Antarctic or A Toy Story. Get in touch for more detailed information on any of the above themes.
Inventors and Inventions (KS2) full day workshops
Learn about inspirational inventors and the inventions they made! There are so many things around us that we take for granted that make our lifestyle possible. Imagine a day without your computer or phone? What about without a lightbulb? It’s time to think of our own inventions, what creative ideas will your pupils come up with?
Earthquakes and Volcanoes (KS2) full day workshops
Thousands of earthquakes shake the world everyday, and from deep down below the Earth’s surface boiling hot lava constantly erupts through gaps in the crust. Let’s explore what happens when these events come into contact with humans, and the impact this is having right now.
Mindfulness (KS1 & 2) 1 hour, 2 hour, Staff CPD or Residency Programme!
Healthy bodies, healthy minds! Our creative mindfulness workshops use innovative drama techniques to provide children with the tools to practice mindfulness and breathing techniques both at school and at home. We believe mindfulness is a powerful life skill, and a key tool to help your pupils increase resilience and manage their thoughts and feelings.