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March 19, 2018

What Does The ‘One Day’ Team Do To Stay Mindful?

Our team of fab facilitators travel high and low, visiting schools all over the UK to deliver action-packed drama, dance and music workshops. But we also have a wonderful office team beavering away behind the scenes! At our base in sunny Yorkshire, you’ll find them working hard contacting schools, planning workshops and organising itineraries for all our schools facilitators.

With hundreds of workshops delivered every year, the office is a real hive of activity! So for this week’s #MindfulMondays, we asked some members of our lovely office team for their tips and tricks on how they de-stress and practice mindfulness on a day-to-day basis.

It’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut and not look after yourself, but making even small changes can result in big differences to your emotional well-being. Here’s what they said:


“Getting outside and going for a Mindful Monday walk at lunchtime is great. It really helps to come back feeling refreshed for the afternoon. When we get a chance (and the weather is nice) we try to get a team walk in!”

One Day Mindful Mondays


“We have a bookshelf in the office, so when I’m on my lunch break I can take myself away from the computer screen! It’s an open book shelf so anyone can bring books in for the office to enjoy.”

One Day Mindful Mondays


“I’ve taken a tip from our own Mindfulness workshops and have a glitter bottle on my desk. If I get stressed out or need to take my eyes off the screen for a moment, I can shake up the bottle and watch the glitter settle.”

One Day Mindful Mondays

How do you practice Mindfulness in your work environment? Don’t forget that we want to hear from YOU on how your school stays mindful. Not only will you be contributing to opening up a conversation and mental health and wellbeing, every school we hear from will also be entered into a prize draw to win a discounted Let’s Talk About It school performance! For more information on #MindfulMondays read our blog here. 

We’ve already seen some fab entries and can’t wait to hear from even more of you. It’s so simple to enter. Simply email hello@onedaycreative.com, Tweet us or message us on Facebook. There’s no pressure to spend loads of time on it, even a couple of lines is fine! We are just after a flavour of your school’s approach to mindfulness and emotional wellbeing in your pupils.

Lots of love from Rachael, Anna, Jess and all the One Day team x


One Day Creative Education is proud to be recognised a Mindful Employer. Find out more about the Mindful Employer initiative and what it means for One Day Creative as a company here

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