New On Uno: Women In History Workshops (& Superheroes!)
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September 22, 2021

New On Uno: Women In History Workshops (& Superheroes!)

We hope you’ve had a smooth beginning to your Autumn Term and your topics are already off to a flying start!

Remember, alongside our popular in-school workshops, you can also dive into a variety of interactive online workshops for primary schools. These sit on Uno – a simple website that combines drama, song and movement with 70+ core curriculum topics. History, Literacy, STEM, Anti-Bullying, Geography, World Culture… there are oodles of topics to choose from. All you have to do? Connect, press play and let the creative learning commence!

Take a peek at a full list of available videos here. However, today we wanted to share two exciting topics which are brand new to Uno for this year.

Women in history workshops - Rosa Parks

Women in History workshops

This five-part video series shines a light on five incredible women throughout history. From transport pioneers to healthcare heroes, your class can meet these inspiring individuals, hear their stories and discuss how they helped shape the world we live in today.

Rosa Parks, KS1 & KS2On December 1st 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat to a white person. Her brave actions sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Lasting over a year, this boycott and the actions of Rosa are often credited as the catalyst which launched the civil rights movement in the United States. Join us as we tell this courageous story, recreating the night in question and the protests that followed.

Grace Darling, KS1Join Grace Horsley Darling, a lighthouse keeper’s daughter, as she takes you back to the night in 1838 which made her a national hero. Recreating the event through a soundscape, pupils will understand what Grace experienced as she risked her own life to rescue survivors from the shipwrecked steamboat, Forfarshire.

Women in history workshops - Grace Darling

Mary Seacole, KS1 & KS2In this film, your class will use role play to commemorate British-Jamaican nurse, Mary Seacole, and her achievements during the Crimean War. Join our facilitator, Mirabel, as she prepares to host a display of statues depicting the life of ‘Mother Seacole’. There’s a problem though! The statues haven’t arrived in time for the exhibition. Can you help honour this incredible woman instead?

Amelia Earhart & the History of Transportation, KS1 – Meet aviator, Amelia Earhart, and learn about the history of transportation from the simple sedan chair through to Amelia’s favourite: the aeroplane! In the second half of this film, take flight with Amelia as she recreates her 1932 solo voyage across the Atlantic Ocean – the first ever woman to do so! 

Florence Nightingale, KS1It’s time to step into history and follow the ‘Lady with the Lamp’ through a series of immersive, in-role activities. Construct a living timeline which explores Florence Nightingale’s nursing achievements, interview the heroine herself and develop your performance poetry skills when Florence delivers an acceptance speech.

Superheroes workshop

Designed especially for EYFS pupils, Captain Creative is set to your children on a playful adventure all about Superheroes! But first: what makes a Superhero? What does it mean to be kind, or strong, or brave? Using on-your-feet fun and cartoon animations, pupils are encouraged to get creative, build motor skills and make independent choices. To finish, they’ll harness their own super powers and come together as a team to beat Dr Catastrophe!

What is Uno?

Quite simply, Uno is an easy-to-use website filled with interactive primary school workshops and teaching resources. Over 70 workshop videos, to be precise! Consider it your on-demand treasure trove of creative learning. Here are three simple steps to using Uno:

  • Log in – Simply log into the website through your computer or device and start watching. Every teacher in school gets a unique login – no sharing required.
  • Search – Uno’s video library is searchable by subject, keyword, age group and activity type. Find what you’re looking for at the click of a button and press play.
  • Watch – And re-watch, and re-watch! Uno allows you to view as many workshops as you like, as many times as you like. No limits.

Anyone is welcome to sign up for a free 7 day trial to explore the video library and start watching straightaway. After that, you can choose to sign up to a Half Term or Annual Pass. Here’s a speedy demonstration to help you make the most of Uno:


Still got questions? We’re happy to help! Drop us an email at or give us a call on 01937 372 131.

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