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November 05, 2020

Creativity in the Classroom: Anti-Bullying KS1 ‘Freeze Frames’

Welcome to our Creativity in the Classroom series! In this series, we share some of our favourite activities, games and challenges to help stimulate children’s imaginations and aid learning on curriculum topics. All ideas come from our online teaching resource, Uno. To find even more engaging activities and interactive videos, visit the Uno website and sign up for your free trial! 

Anti-Bullying KS1 activity: use freeze-frames to start discussion this Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week 2020 is fast approaching and today we have a brilliant, simple Anti-Bullying KS1 activity. Remember, this year Anti-Bullying Week takes place Monday 16 – Friday 20 November. We have free access to our online teaching resource Uno throughout November, and the brilliant Anti-Bullying Alliance website has plenty more information too.

Anti-Bullying KS1 Scenarios and Discussion

This creative Anti-Bullying KS1 activity is best when your class have already had an introduction to the Anti-Bullying topic. Make sure they are nice and warmed up!

  • Organise your class into small groups of two and three
  • Based on the learning that’s already taken place, give the pupils a handful of bullying situations to turn into creative freeze frames
  • These can be situations you have seen in your class, things that might happen, or you could ask pupils for their ideas. For example, you might have:
    • A child draws a picture and another child laughs at it
    • A child is playing with a toy when another comes and takes it off them
    • Every week at break time some children play a game but leave one person out
  • One by one, give each group a situation and ask them to create a freeze frame. Think carefully about body language, facial expressions and how each person might be feeling
  • Allow the whole class to see each freeze frame and praise good use of theatrical elements (and make sure every group gets a big round of applause!)
  • Now’s the time for group discussion. Here are some questions you might want to ask your class:
    • How is everyone feeling in this story?
    • How do we know what they might be feeling?
    • Is this bullying?
    • Has it made them upset or happy?
    • Was it done on purpose?

A great follow-up activity is to ask pupils what they could do to help the affected person in each scenario. Then, create new freeze frames showing this in action!

Stay tuned, because next week we’ll have a fun, impactful and interactive Anti-Bullying activity for KS2.

If you’d like to learn more tips for improving Creativity in the Classroom, take a look at our online teaching resource, Uno. This easy-to-use website is packed with interactive videos and teacher guides on a wide range of topics. Please get in touch to find out more and request a free trial for your school. 

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