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Stream creativity straight into your classroom with Uno, an interactive website where teachers can step into an online world of primary school workshops!

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In 2020, we began to transform our most popular One Day workshops into engaging online videos. The goal? To provide an on-demand treasure trove of creative learning, which teachers and primary-aged pupils could delve inside whenever they wished. Uno was born!

Uno’s comprehensive video library covers an array of curriculum topics, each crammed with creativity and led by professional facilitators. Full-blown History drama days? STEM singalongs? Anti-Bullying activities? World Culture celebrations? They’re all there, alongside oodles of additional resources to support classroom teaching.

Best of all, Uno is super flexible. Annual or half termly passes offer schools unlimited access to all videos with a fair pricing model based on school size. Plus, unique logins for every teacher! Click the blue button below to start exploring Uno straight away with a free 7-day trial. Fancy being shown around instead? Click here to book a personalised demo!

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How does UNO work?

Combining drama, song and movement with core curriculum topics, Uno is jam-packed with creative workshops and resources for primary schools. All you have to do? Connect and press play!

  • 3. Re-watch

    Oh, and you’re able to watch (and re-watch, and re-watch!) as many videos as you like, as many times as you like. No limits.

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UNO key features


UNO key features

Uno covers many curriculum and wellbeing topics including History, Literacy, STEM, PSHE and Culture. Each video, from energetic warm up activities to full-day workshops, inspires learning and helps you continue with your planned curriculum. All at the click of a button.

Designed with teachers in mind, Uno works the way you need it to. This means a user-friendly website, unique logins for every teacher in school, unlimited viewing, and compatibility across all sorts of devices. We’ve even included shareable video links so pupils can watch at home!

Our goal is to empower teachers in the classroom, which is why you'll find detailed Teacher Guides accompanying all Uno videos. Learning outcomes, activity packs, supporting materials and cross-curricular links - take your pick.

Simply visit the website, create an account and start watching! Our annual and half-termly passes offer primary schools unlimited access to Uno with fair prices based on school size. Want to give it a whirl first? Take advantage of our free 7-day trial – no payment details required.


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Find out more about how our customers are using UNO and all our latest content and features.

What our
customers say

Easy to incorporate into planned units, lots of movement to keep students interested, presented clearly with great enthusiasm.
Ms Fletcher, Deputy Headteacher International School, Malaysia
What a fantastic way to bring fun and excitement into the classroom especially during this unprecedented time. Our Year 3 children thoroughly enjoyed engaging in many of the workshops provided on the app, from creating a Stone Age rap to learning about sportsmanship and resilience. Thank you One Day Creative!
Ms Witting, Teacher Merton, London
The fact the workshops are interactive and give pupils time to respond is excellent as it feels like they are still live and speaking to them. The mindfulness workshop in particular were a great tool for really getting the pupils to think carefully about their feelings and strategies to deal with a variety of situations. There is also a huge variety of workshops to choose from. We would highly recommend!
Mrs Lookess, Principal Teacher Glasgow