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Kingdom of Benin

England, Scotland, Wales

From 900 to 1897AD, Benin in West Africa prospered. Its inhabitants founded a thriving empire, led by powerful rulers who lived in amazing palaces. This interactive Benin KS2 workshop takes you deep into this unique kingdom to explore the Edo people’s rituals and way of life. Let’s explore how they flourished as a trading nation, meeting their terrifying gods along the way!

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"It was enjoyable for everyone and I have some new ideas for learning activities that I will use in class in future, so thank you for that. Sally was amazing and so helpful. Her passion for the subject really came across and the children were able to express their ideas in a way that made them think about their audience and how they worked together. It also allowed all the children, especially those who are quiet in class, a chance to find their voice. "

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What the children learn...

  • Explore the timeline of the period, the people who populated it and their roles in society
  • Examine the achievements of an early civilisation
  • Investigate the Gods they worshiped and rituals they performed
  • Express ideas and feelings through roleplay, voice and drama

How this One Day Workshop works:


This is delivered as a full day workshop for one class of 35 pupils or a half day each for two classes.

Suitable for

KS2 / P4 - 7


Pricing for this workshop ranges from £345 - £395 + VAT depending on workshop length and number of classes. Please get in touch for a tailored quote.

What we need from you

A large, clear space (such as a school hall) is ideal so participating children can move around comfortably. The more information you can provide about the needs of your class the better.

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Kingdom of Benin

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