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England, Scotland, Wales


Belt up and buckle in, you are in for the most magical ride in the world! Your class will explore some classic fairytales in a new interactive way. Introducing the brand new rides of Cinderella, Robin Hood, Rapunzel and The Little Mermaid, explore this wonderful tales in a new and fantastical way with One Day Creative.

Your class will…

  • Explore and identify with the characters in the story

  • Explore a retelling of traditional tales

  • Have a great day!

Creative Play workshops are short and sweet, designed to be a burst of creativity to keep children engaged. As the sessions are usually only an hour long, we can work with four classes across the school day. The sessions are led by an experienced facilitator who collaborates with pupils in order to explore the topic through drama.

This workshop includes props and accessories to aid learning

Tell us more about your issues you’re facing in school in advance of the workshop so the content we deliver can hit the spot!

What One Day needs to succeed:

Number of Children

Four classes (up to 35 children per group) per group

Length of workshop

1 hour per class

Suitable for

KS1 / P1 - 3

Space needed

A large clear space (preferably a school hall) Please let us know if you have any special requirements!

What the children learn...

  • Express ideas and feelings through voice, movement, role play and drama. This will help to build their confidence in public speaking, basic acting skills and teamwork
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