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Altogether Unique: Neurodiversity

England, Scotland, Wales


In this one or two-hour workshop, we invite your KS2 pupils to explore the terms ‘neurodiversity’ and ‘neurodivergent’. Using a range of inclusive drama activities, your classes and a One Day facilitator will consider the things that make us all unique. Plus, explore how we can best support our peers by recognising (and respecting!) their individual strengths and challenges.

Filled with discussion-based tasks, this school workshop champions the importance of empathy. We want to help you celebrate your differences and, in doing so, demonstrate to your pupils how they can nurture positive relationships in school and beyond.


**You can now join us online and browse an exciting digital library of educational videos for primary pupils, including PSHE and Anti-Bullying workshops. Click here to visit One Day Videos.**

"The warm up really helped to ease children into the activities. All children were encouraged to join in and there was a no risk culture created where all suggestions and contributions were valued and praised. The trainer who led this workshop was absolutely fantastic with the children. He guided all of the activities and explained everything in way the children were fully engaged. When responding to the children's answers he was careful to ensure any sensitive or controversial issues that arose were dealt with in a thoughtful and compassionate way. The children thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities and it was lovely to see the once quiet children blossom into confident actors."

Year 5 Teacher

East Midlands

What the children learn...

  • Understand what neurodiversity means, including different ‘neurotypes’
  • Celebrate uniqueness and the importance of empathy
  • Learn practical ways we can support each other
  • Explore ideas and feelings through role-play, voice and drama

How this One Day Workshop works:


This workshop can be delivered as one-hour or two-hour workshops across a full day, depending on your class numbers and preference.

Suitable for

KS2 / P4 - 7


Pricing for this workshop ranges from £395-£450 + VAT for the full day depending on the number of classes. Please get in touch for a tailored quote.

What we need from you

A large, clear space (such as a school hall) is ideal so participating children can move around comfortably. The more information you can provide about the needs of your class the better.

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Altogether Unique: Neurodiversity

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