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March 17, 2015

Super Scottish Tales

Was there ever a dog more loyal than Greyfriar’s Bobby? Will the young explorers manage to spot Nessie? Will the Townspeople actually eat Hamish the Hairy Haggis?

From fact to fantasy, our Scottish Tales get the children donning tartan and dancing to bagpipes while they learn about the fascinating country.

I had the pleasure of visiting East Wemyss Primary School last week, where one of our fantastic facilitators Shona was running the Hamish the Hairy Haggis project. The school is in a lovely part of Fife, and even the rain couldn’t curb my excitement as I walked towards the front gates! (It’s customary to mention the weather in a story about Scotland!)

Workshop1 copy

Entering the hall I was met with 35 models walking on a catwalk, followed by 35 deep sea divers, and then 35 OAPs who moved slowly around the room. It was the warm up, and I was amazed at the talent already. Throughout the day, the pupils of East Wemyss continued to amaze me with their confidence and enthusiasm, and I couldn’t wait for the performance!

As the final touches were applied, tartan hats donned and seats filled up, I took my place at the back of the room behind the crowd of parents for the performance of Hamish the Hairy Haggis. Around 60 pupils were on and off the stage, all with lines and some action, and they kept my attention throughout. There was suspense, comedy, and compassion – all in 20 minutes!


At the end of the day, I was exhausted, and I had only been watching. The staff and parents were very proud of what the pupils had achieved in just one day, and the children themselves couldn’t have been happier. I know this because of all the requests for #SelfiesWithShona (could that catch on? No?) and everyone sad to see her go. I can safely say that observing my first One Day workshop was fantastic, and I can’t wait for my second – maybe I’ll pop by the Nessie project to finally FIND OUT if she’s real or not…

These projects fuel the imagination of the children taking part, and whether they are fact or fiction, they celebrate Scotland, its people, its stories, its culture and most importantly, its future.

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