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Mental Health Awareness

Mindfulness Workshops & Performances

Get involved! Send us a picture of what your school is doing to stay mindful for the chance to win a discounted Let’s Talk About It performance! #mindfulmondays 

‘Let’s Talk About It’ Whole School Theatre Performance

Sam’s life has been turned upside down! She’s moved to a new city, starting a new school and she’s stressed out. Sam has always been happy and relaxed, but now she’s struggling with nerves and worry; how will she fit into her new world?

Through interactive live performance, loveable characters, music and digital animation, your pupils will learn what compassion, resilience and confidence are all about. Let’s Talk About It will bring awareness of positive mental health into your school for the year ahead and beyond!

Mindfulness Workshops

Our creative Mindfulness workshops use innovative drama techniques to provide children with the tools to practice Mindfulness both at school and at home. Our one or two hour fully participatory workshops are accessible from Early Years to Secondary and encourage children to explore:

Body Awareness, breathing and the benefits, learning to be resilient, focus and awareness, understanding feelings, building strong and mindful relationships.

Together we tackle who it might feel to suffer with issues such as anxiety, anger or uncertainty, what triggers might look like, and how we can help each other regulate our feelings and emotions. To get your whole school community thinking in a mindful way enquire for information on our after-school and parent sessions, and long term residency programmes.


Transition Workshops: Zero to Hero – school, me and one thousand memories!

For most young people, the move from Primary to Secondary school is characterised by a potent mix of excitement and anxiety. Alongside the anticipation of making new friends and learning new things, comes uncertainty about what the new school will be like, worries about stricter teachers, more homework, not being able to make friends and, of course, being around older ‘scarier’ students.

Our One Day Drama Zero to Hero has been developed to allow your Year 6 classes to personalise their workshop experience. They will have the opportunity to talk about their own memories, aspirations, their own hopes and fears and will also spend time discussing ways to deal with them.