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February 09, 2017

In Photos: Safer Internet Day 2017

A huge event in school calendars, Safer Internet Day is all about helping children and young people stay safe online. It’s that simple.


Think for a moment about how you use the internet. Maybe it’s for the odd email here and there; perhaps you like to catch-up with TV programmes online; maybe you’re glued to your social media channels. However you use it, consider the skill and experience it takes to navigate this digital world. Without these skills, the internet can be a confusing, intimidating and sometimes dangerous place.


It’s not all doom and gloom though. For children, the internet is also a wonderful tool full of online games, learning resources and places to chat with friends. But in order to enjoy these benefits safely, we need to teach young people about the dangers too. Safer Internet Day is a perfect opportunity to do just that, and that’s where our E-Safety workshops come in!


Using drama, we help pupils navigate tricky topics such as speaking to strangers, cyber-bullying, identity theft, viruses, trolling and more. With adaptations for KS1 and KS2, the focus changes from workshop to workshop, but the key messages remain the same:


  • Don’t share personal details online
  • You can’t always be sure who you’re speaking to on the internet
  • If you’re ever unsure or feel worried, ask an adult you trust


It’s been an honour to be invited into so many schools in order to share the E-Safety message this Safer Internet Day! We’ve met countless superb teachers and pupils, all wanting to learn and stay safe online. Here are a selection of our favourite photos from the week.




If you’ve come to the end of the week and your brain feels packed full with brand spanking new-found E-Safety facts, test your knowledge and give this quiz from UK Safer Internet Centre a go! We got 21 out of 21, just sayin’ …


A huge thank you to all the wonderful schools who welcomed us in this week and shared their fabulous photos with us. It was a pleasure to learn with you all. And remember, internet safety is an important issue at all times of the year. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like us to pay your school a visit.


Love, the One Day Creative team x

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