In Photos: Celebrating Safer Internet Day 2018 in Schools with One Day Creative!
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February 12, 2018

In Photos: Safer Internet Day 2018

Technology is a huge part of modern day living, and as care providers it is our duty to help the young people in our care to navigate this part of life safely and responsibly. This is where Safer Internet Day 2018 comes in and once again we had an absolute blast visiting so many of you.

Online games, educational resources and places to chat with friends are loads of fun and can be of great benefit to children – there’s no doubt about that! But what about trickier areas like cyber-bullying, viruses, talking to strangers, identity theft and more? Well, knowledge is power! Safer Internet Day 2018 was an opportunity to educate pupils about the dangers they may encounter online, what they look like and who they can turn to if they’re feeling worried – all an important part of enjoying the internet.

Using drama and interactive play, our workshops and performances help pupils better understand how the internet works, what dangers they may come across and how to deal with them. We tailor our offerings to each age group, so that the topics discussed are of utmost relevance. We also offer focus sessions that dial in on more specific issues such as cyber-bullying, online gaming and grooming.

As always, Safer Internet Day 2018 has been a busy week for schools all over the country with LOTS of learning taking place! We are incredibly grateful to all the schools who invited us in to spend time with their pupils. Here are a selection of our favourite photos from the week.

And there you have it! Safer Internet Day 2018 is over, but don’t let that stop you learning, growing and looking out for the best ways to enjoy the internet safely throughout the year.

Lots of love from all the team at One Day Creative xx

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