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June 17, 2016

Happy Father’s Day!

This Sunday marks the holiday of Father’s Day. All across the western world, families will come together this weekend in celebration of Fatherhood. Because of this, we wanted to share with the world our experiences of why Dads really are the best.



Over the years, Fatherhood has taken a bit of a hit, in society and even in the law. Being a Father is sometimes not considered as important as Motherhood. Father’s Day is an important day in acknowledging the intrinsic notion of being a Father, of being a Dad. We have been taught to believe that men need to be the strong role models, the brave and tough ones, the Bread-winners, the financial advisors. However, when I think of my Dad I think of the person who has been able to make me laugh more than anyone else ever could, the person who would sneakily give me chocolate in my lunchbox instead of an apple, the person who would make me cups of tea when I was upset, the person who, together with my Mum, convinced my older Brother and I that we could do absolutely anything we put our minds to.




My Dad likes to think of himself as a comedian; for as long as I can remember he has thought his own jokes were funnier than anyone else did. This, I am assured, is a common occurrence. We wanted to share a few anecdotes with you about embarrassing ‘Dad-banter’:




“One time I got a fish and my Dad made me name it James Pond.”


“My Dad loves to wind people up! Classic examples of this would be him walking around Sainsbury’s finding things that are missing off the shelf and asking the manager if they had said things in stock. Another example of this would be in Ikea when he helped a couple put their furniture in the car park lift. He then stood outside the lift pressing the open button each time it closed and looked away as though it wasn’t him! The couple were really confused and started blaming each other.”


“My Dad Richard, made up his nickname ‘Richy-Rich’ and insists that all my friends address him by his nickname, even still.”

“The Dad that’s always right: My Dad, like most Dads, is usually right (and quite stubborn) and gives the best advice! Once when he was assuring his colleagues that you could lift anyone with a fireman’s lift he even went to the trouble of lifting his 18 stone colleague to prove his point – and to prove he was right! This back fired when he then broke his back lifting said ‘any person’ by a fireman lift. He made a full recovery and is absolutely fine but has maybe learnt that sometimes it is better to ‘agree to disagree.”

    Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 09.33.22

“My dad was trying to teach me how to say thank you in Spanish – and I could quite grasp it! To help me remember – he told me to imagine I’d slipped down a wet hill and got a GRACIAS!!”

“My Dad always makes awful jokes, but thinks he’s absolutely hilarious and loves laughing at his own jokes. For example, my brother won a branding contract for a cat food company at work, and Dad absolutely loved making cat puns about it…. Here are a few examples: “ Meow something to get your claws into”, “sounds like a puurrfect contract!”, “don’t turn into a sourpuss now you have a meowtain of work to do!” and “looks like the cat is out of the bag now!””


“When my brother, sister and I were little, my Dad used to make space in the dining room and play Wham – Club Tropicana on the CD player whilst we’d all “walk to the beat kids!”.”


Whether it’s a celebration of Fathers, Grand-Fathers, Great Grand-Fathers and so on, we think this Father’s Day our Dads should be shown the love that they have given us over the years. From embarrassing you in the supermarket to teaching you choreography, from being a stubborn fool to accidentally burning the house down, Dads really are the best.

Happy Father’s Day to the unsung heroes!

Love Jess and the One Day Team x

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