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Introducing One Day Creative

"A huge thanks to your Facilitator, who added that crucial element of fun into the Great Fire drama day. His skill with the children and subtle behaviour management was noted by all teachers. Drama isn’t something we do as much as we would like, so having you in for the day is a real treat. He interacted with children in a positive and encouraging way and brought out hidden talents in some of our pupils. (We are always amazed when the most powerful, assertive line comes from a child who is usually quiet and unassuming!) His sense of humour kept the staff entertained and One Day are always a welcome guest in our staffroom!"

Deputy Head Teacher

Primary School in Berkshire

  • British Educational Suppliers Association
  • Child Friendly Leeds
  • Mindful Employer
  • Goldman Sachs

Brrr, we can't be the only ones feeling the chill this week! Winter has well and truly arrived and our big woolly s…

Posted 14 hours ago

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