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Staff & Parents

Creativity in the Classroom

England, Scotland, Wales

Introducing our brand new, adult-only Creative Teaching workshop!

Our workshop gives teachers a wealth of creative teaching ideas, empowering them to transform their classrooms! Our workshop has been developed as a labour of love and through a deep care for teaching. We’ve seen first hand how much joy can come from teaching with a bit of creativity!

In our workshop we will explore fresh ideas around teaching by making changes, trying new approaches, discussing ideas and reflecting upon the fascinating concepts of creativity that can be integrated into everyday teaching.

In this collaborative workshops we will:

  • Explore creative warm up techniques to prepare the class for creative learning. We will take a look at behaviour management tools, dance and drama warm up tips and how to prep before a session. 
  • Explore creative teaching techniques and activities to inspire learning through the arts.
  • Demonstrate creative learning techniques, with a focus on how to teach the national curriculum through dance and drama.   
  • Provide examples of creative lesson structures which may be used by participants.
  • Give opportunity for participants to co-facilitate creative learning techniques with the guidance of the One Day Creative facilitator.

Our creative facilitator will further develop these ideas depending on the staff and teachers’ existing knowledge of creative techniques. We will take time to explore ideas they come up within the workshop. 

These workshops can be delivered as hour-long sessions, or can be extended depending on number of attendees. 

How One Day Drama works:

One Day Warm Up

Hello and creative warm up

One Day in action

We offer a workshop style day with improvisations, role-plays and in-class show backs! Please enquire if you wish to have show backs to a bigger audience.

What One Day needs to succeed:

Number of Children

No children here! 15-20 Teachers is ideal, but chat to us about your needs!

Length of workshop

1 - 2 hour sessions

Suitable for


Space needed

A large clear space (preferably a school hall) Please let us know if you have any special requirements!

What the children learn...

  • Children? This workshop is for teachers to learn a wealth of creative teaching ideas!
  • Take home techniques, activities ideas to introduce pupils to creative learning
  • Advice on preparation and lesson structures
  • How creativity can help teach the national curriculum
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Creativity in the Classroom

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