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Stone Age

England, Scotland, Wales

This KS2 video workshop invites your pupils on an adventure through the earliest points of human history. You won't find any written records here! Instead, we'll use our imaginations to discover how humans lived and civilisations developed through these prehistoric times. Let's journey back over 900,000 years to when humans first arrived in Britain, before stepping into the dazzling Bronze Age and finishing in the turbulent Iron Age. Are you ready?

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Yes, absolutely! View our full range of in-school workshops here.

"Easy to incorporate into planned units, lots of movement to keep students interested, presented clearly with great enthusiasm."

Ms Fletcher, Deputy Headteacher

International School, Malaysia

What the children learn...

  • Pupils will learn about changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age
  • Explore the life of the late Neolithic hunter-gatherers, Bronze Age technology and Iron Age farming
  • Express ideas and feelings through voice, movement, role-play, and drama
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Stone Age

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