Step into History with these ONLINE Ancient Civilisation videos!
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February 23, 2022

Step into History with these ONLINE Ancient Civilisation videos!

Ancient Civilisation videos for primary schools - Ancient Rome

We love History here at One Day. In-school workshops may be our bread and butter, but we’ve spent the last couple of years growing a fantastic online video library for primary teachers. Its name? Uno.

Packed with interactive videos for KS1 and KS2, Uno covers a wide range of curriculum topics. Online Safety, Shakespeare, Dance Carnival Brazil, Earthquakes & Volcanoes – to name a few! However, above all, you’ll find lots of school History videos ready to watch.

Today, we want to shine a light on our online Ancient Civilisation workshops. In them, we invite your KS2 pupils to step back thousands of years, using drama and song to uncover the remarkable achievements of ancient cultures from around the world.

A reminder that all of these workshops (and many more!) are ready and waiting to watch with a Half Term or Annual Uno Pass. Plus, a load more benefits too! Find out what’s included here.

Ancient Civilisation videos for primary schools - Kingdom of Benin

Which online Ancient Civilisation videos are on Uno?

Current topics available include Ancient Maya, Ancient Egypt and the Stone Age. Please see below for more information on the full range of videos.

  • Ancient Maya Rap – KS2 song. Use this fun, fact-filled rap to explore the fascinating and often bloodthirsty history of the Ancient Maya. Watch now.
  • The Kingdom of Benin – KS2 full-day workshop. Welcome to the One Day Museum and its interactive exhibits on the Kingdom of Benin. Join Mirabel and Jenny as they explore the Benin Empire’s gods, culture and parades! Watch now.
  • Ancient Egypt: How To Mummify Your King – KS2 drama activity. Discover the ancient process of mummification and learn which eight intricate steps were required to ensure your Pharaoh had a safe journey into the afterlife. Watch now.
  • Ancient Rome: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day – KS2 full-day workshop. Join Clem and Carly to delve into the exciting world of the Romans. From awe-inspiring architecture to ferocious rulers, you’ll use drama, song and movement to step back in time. Watch now.
  • Ancient Rome: A Romans Song – KS2 song. Through the magic of song, join Carly for a musical introduction to the Roman civilisation. Watch now.
  • Stone Age to Iron Age – KS2 full-day workshop. Use drama and discussion to venture through some of the earliest advancements in human history, from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. Watch now.
  • Stone Age Rap – KS2 song. The Stone Age is one of our favourite topics! We love it so much that we’ve created a super-catchy rap song for your class to learn and perform. Watch now.

The Stone Age Rap - one of our most popular Ancient Civilisation videos for primary schools

How does Uno work?

We’re glad you asked! Uno is an online world of workshops, which teachers can access and watch at the click of a button. Each presenter-led video is accompanied by a supporting Teacher Guide to make your lesson planning and delivery easier than ever.

Uno Passes can be bought either Half Term or Annually, with fair pricing based on school size. Each Pass includes:

  • Unlimited access to the entire Uno video library.
  • Unique logins for all teachers and teaching assistants in school (no sharing!)
  • Supporting Teacher Guides and resources for every video.
  • Shareable video links so pupils can easily watch from home.
  • Priority live chat support.

Remember, a single Uno Pass allows unlimited access to all 80+ videos for every teacher and assistant in your school. Yes, even at the same time!

Enjoy access to a range of Ancient Civilisation videos for primary schools, and many more topics, on Uno.

Can I try it out first?

Absolutely. You can browse these Ancient Civilisation videos and many more as part of a free 7-day trial of Uno. No payment details required, simply log in and start watching! If you have any questions or would like a personalised tour for your school, please feel free to contact us on 01937 372 131 or

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