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February 01, 2016

Spotlight: One Day with Leeds Libraries

They say smiles and laughter are infectious. This was definitely the case when we visited Moor Allerton library in Leeds with our dance workshops. The children were beaming, which gave their teachers a boost, which in turn left the One Day team with a HUGE smile on our faces. We’ve popped some photos below to spread the joy to you too.


Chinese Ribbon Dancing


Our amazing director Sam delivered an afternoon of two halves. The first half saw pupils of John Jamieson School join us for some Chinese Ribbon Dancing. The room was filled with red ribbons and authentic Chinese music. The pupils all had their own individual needs but the visual and aural settings were a great stimulus for the children who benefited from the workshop in so many ways – our dance workshops are great for adapting to all abilities.


Chinese Ribbons


Sam started the session with a historic traditional Chinese story, which explained the origins of the style of dancing we were about to learn. Then came the twirling and swirling of all the beautiful Chinese ribbons. The children (and staff) finally learnt a short routine as well as making up their own moves to finish the session.


After all of that fun Sam then had another dance session to teach but this time it was the strong yet sassy Flamenco dance! This session was open to the local community where children and parents joined in with the Spanish Fiesta! After learning a brilliant dance routine everyone got to try the maracas and castanets along with the younger participants trying on examples of Spanish dress.       



Sam and I had such a brilliant afternoon and the work that Leeds Libraries do for the local community is fantastic and we were thrilled to be a part of it. They host many events that are open to the public and are often free, meaning that everyone can be involved. The partnership they have with John Jamieson is so nice to see as each organisation contributes greatly to the other, working together to create unique opportunities for their pupils.


Community Dance


Here at One Day we believe it’s important that all children get the opportunity to take part in creative workshops. If you are an organisation or charity and would like to book one of our workshops please contact Rebecca on 01937 547 113 to discuss the options we can offer you.


Love Naomi & the One Day Team. x

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