Resources and Ideas for Teachers this World Mental Health Day
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October 03, 2022

Resources and Ideas for Teachers this World Mental Health Day

Resources and Ideas for World Mental Health Day: primary pupils, teachers and schools

World Mental Health Day takes place on Monday 10 October this year, with the theme ‘Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority‘. By now, most of us understand that our mental wellbeing is just as crucial as our physical health. However, despite its importance, it can be difficult to talk about mental health. Especially with children.

As educators it’s our responsibility not only to help children understand what mental health is, but also the ways in which we can look after our own. In this short blog, we’ve collated resources and ideas for teachers this World Mental Health Day.

The goal? To open up different ways for children to discuss their emotions, help them manage difficult feelings, and let them know where (and who!) they can ask for help.

1. Feelings Display

Create a ‘feelings display’ in the classroom for children to refer to. Each week, learn a new ‘feelings’ word to help expand children’s emotional vocabulary.

For example, instead of ‘happy’ you could try ‘proud’, ‘delighted’, ‘loving’ or ‘excited’. Instead of ‘sad’, try ‘confused’, ‘disappointed’ or ‘hurt’. Rather than ‘angry’, give ‘annoyed’, ‘jealous’ or ‘overwhelmed’ a go.

2. Share Thanks

Just before the end of the school day, ask the children to share something they are thankful for that day. It can be as big or as small as they like! When it come to resources and ideas for teachers this World Mental Health Day, this is one of the simplest.

3. Calm Box

Put together a ‘calm box’ of items to help when children are feeling overwhelmed. It could include colouring books, a stress ball, or anything else that makes them feel safe.

4. Meditation

Build guided meditation into your classroom routine. Try it at the beginning of the day, just after lunchtime or even at the start of your staff meetings. That’s right, teachers can benefit from a comfortable, calm and relaxed environment too! Looking after your mental health is just as important.

5. Wellbeing Board

Create a wellbeing board for the staffroom with tips, affirmations and resources. It’s okay to not always have the answers; you’re only human. However, there are many excellent resources out there if you find yourself in a challenging situation. Some mental health resources we’ve found particularly useful are…

6. Resources

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