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One Day Creative presents ‘UGLY’ - an interactive, theatrical school performance about online bullying, with adaptations for KS1 & KS2.

In ‘UGLY’, we see what happens to Cinderella’s two ‘ugly’ sisters, who have been openly shunned by the same boy, have a mother with mental-health issues, a high-profile celebrity sister who seems to have it all, and no-one to talk to when they feel the whole world has turned against them.


This interactive, dramatic and musical performance, led by our professional actors, looks at issues children are facing today including social media, trolling, peer pressure, verbal abuse and physical bullying. It also looks at how easily it happens and how we can avoid getting involved. We will question some of the myths surrounding bullying: is it a normal part of childhood? Does surviving it make you stronger? Does bullying only happen in schools? Can you spot a bully from the way they look? Is it still bullying if you have never met the person?


Along the way we’ll meet some famous characters including Cinderella and Prince Charming themselves (well, over Skype)! And together, we’ll help the sisters to work out what to do and get the help they need.


With performances designed for either KS1 or KS2, the performance can fit the requirements of your own audience and cater for your whole school in a single morning or afternoon. Our team of professional actors, catchy music and moving story lines will leave your children entertained, stimulated and thinking hard about how best to tackle bullying in the future.

"Our children thoroughly enjoyed the Safer Internet performance and were engaged from start to finish – even our Infants. Using the Internet safely is a key message for primary school children today and the actors addressed this effectively with key messages on how to stay safe being presented in a fun but memorable way. I would definitely recommend One Day Creative to other schools."

Head Teacher


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