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September 03, 2014

How Staff Team Building Kicks Off This School’s New Year In Style!

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ – Confucius

This quote really couldn’t have been more relevant for all the staff and teachers who were involved in our Capshard Primary team-building day. Not only did Rock School UK have a blast bringing the sound of beating drums into the classroom, but the staff loved every minute and got back into school life in style.

The main aim of the day was to reunite staff after a long summer break, engaging in fun and creative activity whilst getting everyone ready for the academic year ahead of them. The day was split into two parts, with Rock School working with the nursery staff in the morning and the primary staff in the afternoon.

Everybody had a long session to really explore their drummer alter egos! The workshop not only focused on team-building, but also worked wonders for confidence, as the staff were given the space and the opportunity to try something completely new and out of their comfort zone.

The day also acted as a catalyst for work with their own pupils. Staff learned how to use a wide variety of drums (some of which had been gathering dust in their stock rooms), fostering new learning experiences that they can now pass on to their pupils. After all, there is no better way to learn than by doing exactly what the children do!

Overall the day was a huge success with all staff eager to take part and put their all into working together. All of us here at One Day, as well as the staff at Capshard Primary School, had a blast and wouldn’t hesitate to experience the whole day of fun again! Here is what they had to say about their brilliant Brazilian day…

We attended the Brazil Workshop last week and really enjoyed the experience. Starting off simple we worked together to create more complex rhythm work using a super variety of drums which we do have in school and now know how to use! It was good to get a chance to work with the rest of the staff, bonding with laughs and cringe moments. We have since used some of the more simple techniques with smaller groups of nursery children, which has been fun and we would love the opportunity to have some parent/child workshops in the future.” – Capshard Primary School, Fife.

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