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February 02, 2021

Creativity in the Classroom: KS1 Online Safety Activity

Welcome to our Creativity in the Classroom series! In this series, we share some of our favourite activities, games and challenges to stimulate creative learning on curriculum topics. All ideas come from our online teaching resource, Uno. To find even more engaging activities and interactive videos, visit the Uno website and sign up for your free trial! 

KS1 Online Safety activity: Captain Digi's treasure chest

Yarr, if ye be tryin’ to teach your young swashbucklers all about Online Safety, then a savvy pirate analogy might just cut the mustard! Our KS1 Online Safety workshop, Captain Digi, has recently been adapted for the screen on Uno. In it, Captain Digi himself and our very own Jess help KS1 pupils navigate the seven seas of online safety.

Using the internet can be a bit of an adventure, after all. There are fun discoveries, endless possibilities and a few dangers we need to look out for too.

Today, we wanted to share a favourite KS1 online safety activity. In it, we use the engaging pirate theme to introduce a treasure chest. But not just any treasure chest – one filled with goodies that’ll help keep us safe online!

Online Safety activity: Captain Digi for KS1

KS1 Online Safety Activity: Pirate Treasure Chest

After meeting Capitain Digi and ‘learning the ropes’ (where we find out what the internet can be used for and why online safety is important), it’s time to delve into the treasure chest!

The treasure chest contains four treasures that Captain Digi ALWAYS takes with him when he surfs the internet. Each has a really important purpose. They are:

  • Rascal Report: Uses the report button on a game or forum to ‘report’ someone if they’re being mean or making you uncomfortable. The report button often looks a bit like a pirate flag!
  • Padlock Block: Stops a person contacting you, so they can’t speak to you and you can’t speak to them
  • Screenshot Medallion: Takes a photo of the screen, or leaves the screen on, so that you can show a trusted adult exactly what has happened
  • Message in a Bottle: Tells an adult you trust if you feel uncomfortable or something has gone wrong

Use a pirate analogy for your KS1 online safety activities

Discuss each of these four treasures. What do they all do? Give a few examples of different times they might come in useful when surfing the internet. Reinforce that pupils can take this treasure chest with them whenever they go online, just like Captain Digi!

As well as equipping children with immediate knowledge on how they can find help online, the treasure chest can be used throughout your online safety teachings and Safer Internet Week. For example, if you’re discussing cyber-bullying scenarios, you could ask your pupils which of the four treasures they’d use in each given situation. Remember, you can use more than one at any time!

If you’d like to learn more tips for improving Creativity in the Classroom, take a look at our online teaching resource, Uno. This easy-to-use website is packed with interactive videos and teacher guides on a wide range of topics. Please get in touch to find out more and begin a free trial for your school. 

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