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September 23, 2013

Apple Store for Kids?

Given the bad press Apple Inc. have had in recent months because of children running up whopping bills (£3,200 on a virtual farm game in the worst case we’ve heard about), we’re surprised at Apple’s decision to launch a new App Store aimed at kids.


The stow, which went live as Apple introduced iOs7 (that’s the new mobile ‘operating system’ that runs on the iPhone and iPad) groups the App store offer into three age ranges: five and under, between six and eight and nine and 11.


While the prospect of yet more expense may be bad news for many parents, on the bright side Apple are taking safety seriously. According to an article on []: Apps aimed at the under 13 set, for example, will need to follow the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requirements. These state that developers can’t ask for personal info from children, except for “the purpose of complying with the applicable children’s privacy statues” – that is, not in order to gather information for targeting ads. The apps can’t transmit or share personal information without the parental consent, either.


With the iPad becoming more pervasive, both in schools and at home, rationalising the App Store to make is easy for children, parents and teachers to find fun learning tools should make this a welcome feature.


What do you think? Good news for iPad owning parents and teachers, or bad news for our bank accounts? Tweet your thoughts to us @OneDayCreative.

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