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Primary / Secondary

Chinese Ribbon Dancing

England, Scotland, Wales


Bring the colourful swirling ribbons of Chinese Ribbon Dance into your school hall and delve into the traditions, history and stories surrounding these beautiful moves.

Our One Day Chinese Ribbon Dance workshop delves into a world of tradition and explores historical stories through movement. This provides an ideal opportunity to educate children about Chinese hand gestures and their meanings and how dance relates to both everyday life and significant events.

Our workshop will explore Chinese Fan & Ribbon Dance. Chinese dance with its elegant, fluttering fans and delicate poses is also a delight to behold. Bursting into your school hall this workshop is jam-packed full of culture! We will take your children on a ONE DAY DANCE experience not to be forgotten!


You choose 4 classes or groups in 4 x 1 hour workshops scheduled throughout your school day.

You choose 2 classes or groups to work with our director for 2 hours AM / 2 hours PM. Both groups will come together at the end of the day to perform for peers and parents!

What One Day need to succeed:

Number of children:  One class (approx 30-35 children) per group

Length of workshop: Full school day
Suitable for: KS1-3 / P1-7
Space needed: Requires the use of a school hall or gymnasium (or a large classroom).

We can work around you. Please let us know if you have any special requirements!

"Today went really well and the students really enjoyed both workshops. The stage combat was particularly engaging for the Year 8 boys (as I'd anticipated!) and the GCSE students learnt so much from his session with stage swords and had a great time - as did I! The Chinese Ribbon Dance was enjoyed by students too and looked effective in performance at the end of the day. Please pass along my thanks again!"


Secondary School in Bradford

What One Day needs to succeed:

Number of Children

Two of Four classes (up to 35 children per group)

Length of workshop

1-2 hour per class

Suitable for

KS1 / KS2 / KS3 & 4 / P1 - 3 / P4 - 7 / S1 - 3

Space needed

A large clear space (preferably a school hall) Please let us know if you have any special requirements!

What the children learn...

  • Developing an awareness of the historical and cultural origins of different dances
  • Increased confidence and the value of teamwork
  • Choreography and motifs
  • Call and response
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Chinese Ribbon Dancing

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