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October 26, 2015

We’re Dancing With Dinosaurs!

It’s no secret that humans are still thrilled and fascinated by the gigantic beasts that once roamed our land and swam in our seas over 66 million years ago. Where did they live? How did they move? What did they eat? 

For that reason, we have decided to launch a brand new dance workshop designed the discover and celebrate magnificent Dinosaurs. It’s called Dino Stomp, and explores the movements and sounds that various Dinosaurs made.

Set to music and sounds, students use their bodies to understand the size, shape and characteristic of these incredible creatures. Channel your inner beast as you discover all sorts of weird and wonderful facts about a range of different Dinosaurs. It’s hard to imagine that these seemingly monstrous creatures of varying shapes and sizes once existed on our planet, but it’s true!

From pre-historic beasts to more mythical monsters, our Dragon Tales drama workshop for KS1 also unleashes young imaginations. Here you’ll explore two classic tales – George and the Dragon and the Tale of Two Dragons – dive into the adventure and explore each character’s feelings and motives. Drama, discovery and a whole lot of imaginations – release the dragons!

Love Victoria and the One Day Team x

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