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January 26, 2015

Once Upon A Time… Bespoke Book Week Project!

Once upon a time, a Princess from the Kingdom of One Day Creative travelled to a land far, far away. The reason? To visit some very special Year 1 pupils at Suffield Park Infant and Nursery School in Norfolk.

Her name was Princess Sam, and she had been blessed with marvellous magical powers. With these gifts, Princess Sam was able to bring enchanting stories vividly to life through the wonders of music, drama and dance.

For an entire four days, Princess Sam mesmerised her new friends with a special story created just for them, called ‘The Mysterious Case of Bo-Peep’s Missing Sheep’. They spent their days together exploring the world of Bo-Peep – meeting Old Macdonald, the Pied Piper, the Big Bad Wolf and a whole host of other wonderful characters along the way.

Their journey overflowed with magical moments. They discovered creative talents they never knew they had, and even helped Princess Sam create a completely unique ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep’ dance!

Most importantly, using their incredible imaginations and amazing new drama skills – they all became the clever, inquisitive detectives Princess Sam needed to help her solve the puzzle of the missing sheep! To each cry of ‘Detective Detective’, they answered with ‘Hmmmm what’s the problem?’, and the young investigators interrogated each of the fairytale suspects. Steadily, the Year 1 crime-busters unraveled the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Bo-Peep’s sheep AND they caught the villain of the tale…

When the identity of the sheep-thief was finally revealed – one young heroine (somewhat off-script) cried, ‘How could they DO such a thing?!?’

How, indeed.

With lots of entertaining games, exaggerated characters and fun sing-a-longs – Princess Sam and her Year 1 performers created a magical play for everyone in their Kingdom to enjoy. It was celebrated and applauded for miles around! As Princess Sam started on her journey back home to the Kingdom of One Day Creative, she knew that she had blessed all of her new friends with the magical gifts of music, drama and dance, and hopeful that they would all live happily ever after…

The End.

We loved working with Suffield Park Infant and Nursery School, and we would love to visit you as well! Please contact us for more information on how we can bring your Book Week to life, bespoke projects and more. You can also view our range of literacy workshops here

Love, the One Day Team x

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