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March 07, 2014

On Yer’ Bike!!! Le Tour…

This summer, we have so many different workshops that link in with World events! We have Game on Scotland! tying in with Glasgow 2014’s Commonwealth Games; Brazilian Samba Drumming & Carnival Dance to link in with the Summer World Cup… and last but definitely not least, we are proud to announce our brand new One Day Drama project ‘On Yer’ Bike!


Not only does this link in really well with our Yorkshire Schools, who are looking forward to the incredibly exciting Le Tour Yorkshire Grand Depart, but we’ve also been asked to extend the project for schools in the South, who are getting prepared for Stage 3!


We’ve been speaking to our friends down at LIKEaBIKE who are also really excited about the summer events and hope that it will inspire more children and young people to get on their bikes! They said that learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage for children and a skill that once acquired, is never forgotten. Furthermore, balance bikes are now recognised as the best way to teach children how to ride a bike, as they teach children how to balance instinctively at the same time as having fun, before they make the transition to pedalling.


Well we think they’re great! We only wish that there was one big enough for us guys to ride around on in the office! Great to hear that so many schools are also jumping on board the LIKEaBIKE bandwagon.


In the same way as the 2012 Olympics, we are hoping that Le Tour will motivate children and young people across the country to get active, and have some fun. We’re sure that “On Yer’ Bike” will do just that – and due to popular demand, we’re even developing a project especially for KS1. What’s not to like about cycling anyway?! Fresh air, exercise (not too strenuous mind) and maybe a nice picnic to have along the way. Exciting times ahead…

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