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Welcome to Uno by One Day Creative - your new online learning companion. A brand new teaching resource filled with a range of professionally-filmed videos, workshops, activities and challenges for primary-aged pupils. Watch the video below for a taste of Uno in action!

From full-day workshops on the Great Fire of London to a 20 minute Stone Age rap, hour-long Anti-Bullying sessions, and speedy warm-up activities, it's a treasure trove of interactive learning. We hope this easy-to-access resource makes lives easier both this year, and beyond.

To start exploring Uno right away with a free 28-day trial, please click the blue button below or get in touch.

How does Uno work?

Combining drama, song and movement with core curriculum topics, plus plenty of supporting material for teachers, each video is led by our professional facilitators. Simply log onto the app through your device's browser and start watching. Videos are searchable by age group, subject, presenter and activity-type. Oh, and you're able to watch (and re-watch, and re-watch!) as many videos as you like, as many times as you like. No limits.


Welcome to an online library of interactive videos for primary-aged children. Each video is designed to inspire learning, stimulate imaginations and bring curriculum topics to life without the need for a physically-present facilitator.


Variety is the spice of life! Whether you want an energetic 5-minute warm-up activity, a full-day Romans workshop or an hour-long Mindfulness session to end the day, our videos cover all manner of topics from History to Anti-Bullying, Literacy to Geography.


It's not just the pupils who benefit. Our app is designed to support teachers in the classroom, which is why you'll find detailed Teacher Guides to accompany many of the videos. Learning outcomes, additional activities and cross-curricular links - they're all here!


The app is easy-peasy to use. Simply create an account, log-in via your internet browser (don't worry, we've made sure it works across all sorts of devices) and start watching! There are even customisable areas like your Dashboard and Calendar.


To start exploring Uno and watching videos right away, click the blue button below and sign in to begin your free, 28-day trial. Got questions? Just send us a message, we're more than happy to help.

Want a free 28-day trial or to find out more?

Visit the Uno website!

"Liked the activeness and how engaged the children were. Behaviour management was brilliant. The children learnt key facts as well as overall ideas and are now really enthusiastic about our new topic!"

Class Teacher