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February 26, 2016

Why we’re moving away from a ‘Play in a Day’…

Here at One Day, children’s learning and creative exploration is at the forefront of what we do. Our team consistently work hard in reviewing and developing our workshops to ensure the highest standards are met.  After much consideration, we have decided to move away from the traditional “Play in a Day” script delivery style workshop and have now re-structured all of our workshops into a more fluid participatory style, with more space to explore the child’s creative potential, and ensuring the main focus is on child-centred learning. 


We believe this holistic approach is the best way to ensure individual learning styles of young people are met, enabling both young people and teachers to get the most out of our exciting workshop days! The children also have much more creative ownership of the work… definitely something to be proud of.


Children’s ideas, imagination and creativity are the upmost of importance to us, as in our experience, children have very different and unique ways of learning. We believe that these individual learning styles should be nurtured and encouraged through creative exploration and play. In our new style of workshops, we place children in an environment where they can thrive and feel confident, leading to successful and happy learning.


One Day’s unique creative workshops enable children to become active participants in their own learning, not only enabling them to go at their own learning pace but also by encouraging risk taking and creative problem solving. This re-structure also puts the focus on the children’s own ideas, encouraging imagination exploration and gives space to develop their interests, which helps their confidence and creativity to grow.




Our menu of workshops cater for creative learning throughout all Key Stages using Drama, Music, Dance, Fitness and Play. Moving away from the traditional scripted play/performance style ensures our workshops are now more creative learning focussed and child initiated, with a clear focus on learning through creative education, as opposed to the time pressure of creating a polished end showcase.


By taking away the pressure of rehearsals in preparation for a performance, the focus is moves primarily to creativity and exploration. Having said that, if our schools still want to share the work with parents, we are still able to discuss this and work with the school’s needs to share the work.




At One Day we pride ourselves in providing the best service to schools, we aim to offer a broad depth of creative learning, specifically tying in with the chosen topics, we have a wide range of projects to enrich the curriculum and complement classroom teaching. Our new workshop restructure involves children creatively learning through improvisations, character and imagination work, role play, teamwork and in-class discussion. We believe that by creating a child-centred learning environment during the workshop, we are motivating young people to discover new skills and knowledge, therefore increasing their confidence and love of learning.




We are so excited about our new workshop structure, and we have received some amazing feedback so far from schools. If you have any questions or would like to know a little more about the development of our workshops please do get in touch – we always would love to hear from you.


Best wishes,

Jenny and the One Day Team x

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