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April 20, 2017

How to Help Kids Care for the Environment

Global warming and its effects are a very real and present danger, and it’s up to the younger generations to make a positive impact for the future and protect the world’s environment.

April 22nd marks International Mother Earth Day for 2017, and to celebrate, we’re bringing you some top tips kids and parents on how to be more environmentally friendly. If you have any ideas of your own, be sure to comment or send us a message and we can add your tip to our post!

Celebrate Earth Day

Kelly-Rose Bradford of Eco Friendly Kids recommends encouraging your kids to celebrate Earth Day every year. It falls on a different date each year, so the weather may be varied, but if the sun is shining why not organise an outdoor party or crafts session? This will help children understand the wildlife and plants in their garden or local park, as well as expanding their creative skills.

We love this Garden Rock Caterpillar craft idea from the Craftaholics Anonymous website!

Reuse reuse reuse!

The Biofriendly blog (who you can also follow on Facebook) suggest that parents start early in encouraging their kids to use recyclable water bottles and food containers.

We think that getting your kids to choose a fun design so that they love using their new bottles and lunch boxes is a great way to encourage this. You can find some amazing customisable drinks containers on Etsy. Our favourites are these mini bottles, TheGiftedFoxShop‘s personalised cloud bottles (very adorable), and these pretty bug print containers by TigerlilyprintsLtd.

All Things Green

Gardening and learning about plants is the perfect way to get your kids more knowledgable about the natural world and where our favourite foods come from. If you aren’t sure of the different kinds of flowers and plants yourself, why not learn together with your children? This is not only fun, but will help you kids engage more in the activity.

If you don’t have a garden, why not book out an allotment or even make your own window boxes? Indoor potted plants such as succulents and herbs are a great starting point. Cooking with the herbs you grow will also help teach your kids about where their food comes from, and will be very rewarding too! The BBC website has some great tips on how to get kids into gardening, as well as fun facts and ideas.

One Day’s Environmental Workshops

At One Day, our environment focused workshops include The Rainy Rainforest, Little Big Planet, Recycle Kids Club! and Hotting Up! – all of these aim to increase awareness of environmental issues and encourage children to understand the changing world around them.

Eleanor and the One Day Creative team x

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