Anti-Bullying Week 2017: In Pictures by One Day Creative
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November 23, 2017

In Pictures: Anti-Bullying Week 2017

Every year in November, schools around the UK come together for Anti-Bullying Week. Organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA), it is a week dedicated to addressing bullying in all its forms, whether physical, emotional, verbal or even online.

Anti-Bullying Week is an opportunity for schools and caregivers to talk about the impact of bullying, the practices in place to combat it, and the messages we want to equip young children with so that they too can make a stand against bullying.

At One Day Creative it is a busy week, with our special anti-bullying focussed workshops and performances in even higher demand than usual. It’s a pleasure to work with so many young pupils and talk to them directly about their views on bullying and the affects it can have. Here are just some quotes we’ve received from children following our visits:

One Day Creative Anti-Bullying Week quotes

One of our main aims is to equip both the pupils and the schools with specific tools and messages that they can continue using in the classroom to reinforce the anti-bullying message. It has truly been a pleasure seeing so many of you this Anti-Bullying Week, and it has been wonderful to receive your photos and messages in return!









A huge thank you to all the schools who welcomed us in for Anti-Bullying Week.

Lots of love from all the One Day team x

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