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January 04, 2016

Happy CHEW-Year: Introducing our Jamie Oliver partnership…

Our range of One Day workshops are not only designed around our passion for creative education, for enhancing children’s imagination and encouraging a love for learning, but they are also centred on a strong belief that every child and young person has the right to be ‘Happy, Healthy and Safe’.


For this reason we have recently joined forces with Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen Garden Project– a scheme which encompassed so many of One Day’s values and beliefs. This project is designed with primary schools in mind, creating a unique online teaching hub of Food Education resources and information which aims to completely transform the way in which children and young people view food.



With so many worrying statistics out there that highlight our younger generation’s increasingly unhealthy attitude to food, we believe this innovative type of food education is more necessary now than ever.








Our brand new One Day Membership Scheme is shaped around what we believe will benefit our schools, and how we as a creative education provider can give something positive back. That is why we have integrated this fantastic healthy-eating project into our own Membership Scheme! When a school reaches the Silver Level (10 workshops or more) we will offer them a free one year’s subscription to the Jamie Oliver Kitchen Garden Project resources. But what do you get as part of the one year subscription?




The extensive list of benefits and resources includes:

– Over 200 seasonal Jamie Oliver recipes specifically designed for primary school children.

– Lesson plans, classroom-friendly posters and teaching notes covering basic cooking skills, and key nutritional messages.

– Growing units, linking outdoor learning to wider curriculum aims, plus helpful tips on setting up your own kitchen garden.

– Access to our online community, forum and gallery, designed to get schools working together.

– Over 50 different fact sheets complete with curriculum-linked activities, recipes and teaching tips.

– Relevant video content.

– Supporting materials to help you get started.




The Garden Kitchen project extends beyond the aims of the National Curriculum in England. This scheme will develop a deeper understanding of the natural world, and a love of nutritious food in children that will last a lifetime. Instilling a love of cooking in pupils will also open the door to new forms of human creativity, whilst helping children to apply the principles of a healthy diet throughout their lives. Also, by showing young people how to grow their own fruit and vegetables will make them more likely to eat them. Finally, by becoming a part of the Kitchen Garden Scheme, you will be connected with other like-minded schools across the country, so you can all work together in sharing ideas and best practice. What more could you want?


If you would like more information about how your school can be a part of our One Day Membership Scheme, and reap the benefits of this fantastic Food Education Scheme, then drop me an email at victoria@onedaycreative.com. We want this scheme to be as beneficial to our schools as possible, so if you can think of other rewards and prizes which would really help your pupils or teachers then please let me know!


I hope to Ketchup with you all again soon…



Love Victoria and the One Day Team x

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