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November 07, 2016

Bonfire Night 2016: In Pictures

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On Saturday night, we joined thousands of other people around the UK in pulling on our warmest coats, donning our woolly hats, filling our thermoses with hot tea and heading out into the cold and dark. The reason? Bonfire Night of course!


We love the sense of community that comes with Bonfire Night. As soon as we left our doors we joined swathes of other local families and friends, each making their own journey to the displays. A huge, burning bonfire in the distance marked our destination and we dutifully marched towards it. Stalls selling hot dogs, chestnuts and the obligatory toffee apples (does anyone eat those at any other time of year?!) had sprung up to mark the occasion, and the wonderful smell of burning wood filled the air.


We visited three different displays: Stockton-on-Tees, Hyde Park in Leeds and The Stray in Harrogate. In each case, the excited chatters and yells from the crowd immediately hushed as the first fireworks sprung into life. Cold fingers were briefly forgotten as the sky lit up over and over, all faces raised upwards, enjoying the spectacle.


After the final hurrah, a moment of appreciative silence before the hubbub returns once more. “Do they sell mulled wine here?” “I think I’ve dropped my gloves!” “I’m freezing, let’s go home”.


Pops and bangs from other local displays and private parties continued to fill the air late into the night. But we were long tucked up by then, wondering: now that Bonfire Night’s over, is it still too early to start putting up Christmas decorations?!


Love Ruth and the One Day Team x

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