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March 29, 2016

Bem Vindo Ao Brazil!

Welcome to Brazil!

Roecliffe School in North Yorkshire and One Day Creative have taken a wonderful adventure through Brazil Dance every Friday throughout the term since the beginning of January: Physically becoming the Brazilian dance styles, taking ownership of dance creation and fully breathing Brazil CARNIVAL!!!




With a visit from One Day’s facilitator, Sam has had the absolute pleasure of watching the children grow with confidence, as they independently got creative as a group to experience Brazilian dance.


Learning a dance which has been previously choreographed to teach may be seen as an easy task…. However, this is not what the children at Roecliffe Primary School have been doing. Sam from One Day visited them in the first week with an insight workshop to allow the class to experience dance styles from Brazil. Through the weeks, the dancers have truly made it their own. With facilitation from Sam, the class were able to express themselves freely to truly experience and find the real meanings behind Brazil Dance!

Giving the class the chance to create their own dance steps, to each Brazil style, has shown a wonderful understanding of dance culture.




Working towards a performance, the school and Sam from One Day have been sweating carnivals creating dance steps! In fact, that is exactly what they have been doing: the school pupils have made it their own with a little facilitation from Sam and created a professional performance. On the day of the performance the dancers can proudly think to themselves: “we created this dance, we have taken ownership of creativity and we have felt Brazil though dance”!




From Brazil Funky, Samba, Capoeira and Bolero, Roecliffe School have given Sam a fantastic Term. Every Friday Sam would visit the school with a few tricks of dance and Brazil up her sleeve. Roecliffe pupils have been wonderful. We hope to work with them once again to see how the pupils can grow even further with One Day.

Love, Sam and the One Day Team!

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