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January 27, 2017

Online Safety & Gaming: Spring Term Whole School Performance Tours

Our One Day whole school theatre performances are back, just in time for Safer Internet Week in February. Our two teams are will be touring schools throughout UK for the next seven weeks, spreading the word about e-safety, cyberbullying and safe online gaming through engaging and energetic whole school theatre performances!

‘Level Up’ is our brand new interactive online gaming production. It uses original animations throughout, which leads the characters through recognisable games in which they encounter various tricky but commonplace hitches which can make gaming online not so fun after all. What is a computer ‘virus’ and how do we catch them? How do we stop those annoying pop-ups from disturbing our games? What are ‘Cookies’? (And not the chocolate chip kind!) Why are certain games rated 18+? What are chat rooms and why do we need to be wary of them?

                      level up pic

According to the NSPCC (2017), when playing popular online games, children’s top concerns involve bullying, hacking and downloading viruses, talking to strangers, and many come across inappropriate content such as sexual and violent images and language. We know that access to computing and gaming can be a wonderful thing for children, however it’s not always possible to control what they are exposed to online. What we can do is educate children and equip them with the tools to make the best decisions in terms of their enjoyment and safety.

Starring Hannah Kennedy who is a new on board the One Day ship, and Ellie Forrest who we’ve welcomed back after her first tour with us in 2015, ‘Level Up’ is booking up fast!


Our brand new ‘Don’t Pack Up Your Troubles’ team also premiered the debut performance of their tour today in Leeds. ‘Don’t Pack Up Your Troubles’ is One Day’s longest running production in the e-safety trilogy. It follows the story of Tommy, a schoolboy who carries around all his internet worries in his giant backpack. It’s beginning to really weigh him down… but lo and behold, the superhero Web-Stoppers are here to help! They will help you with all things e-safety, including security settings, cyberbullying, how to keep private details safe and most importantly, what we should do if we come across something we’re unsure of. As long as we listen to their words of wisdom, the weight of all our internet worries will be lifted and we can safely enjoy the internet and all it has to offer.

For more information, or if you’d like to welcome our all singing, all dancing e-safety and gaming whizzes into your school hall, contact us on 01937 206068 or email

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