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Alongside our popular One Day workshops, we’re now working with a large number of schools on creative residencies.

These residencies are delivered each week throughout the school year, and run on the same 1 - 3 days (number of days needed depend on the size of the school).  

These workshops can be used to free up some time for PPA cover and staff training. We also deliver a number of CPD sessions for staff and governors. Our creative residencies can also be used to Pupil Premium and Sport Premium.

Each week we would provide your pupils with the same friendly facilitator who will guide the children through their chosen topic each half term. Our Facilitator would also draw up a weekly plan for your class teacher so that they can see what the children have learnt in class. Our service can be very bespoke, so we regularly discuss the needs of the school and design a programme that works for everyone. 

Many of our schools like to have a sharing at the end of each half term for parents.

Additionally - if there are an special focus weeks (such as Anti-Bullying, Safer Internet, World Book Day, etc) in school - we can adapt the content, or add-on days for you at the same cost. 

Many of our schools also opt for an after-school club each day. 

How we work?

We take pride in the support we provide our schools. Each school is assigned a designated One Day School relationship ambassador to answer all your questions and liase with you throughout the academic year. We believe in leaving a lasting impact in a school, see how we can work with you...


We work with you to identify your school’s proirities and choose the ideal programme for your school!


We tailor our sessions around your timetable, then find the best One Day leader to match your school’s needs!


Your One Day leader will prepare your unique sessions ensuring your school’s specifications have been met!


Your One Day leader will integrate and become an active member of your school each week!


You receive a weekly update detailing how each class is doing and the progress they are making!

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"We had a great day and your Leader was brilliant with the children - making sure they all had a part! We are a large class of 32 children years 4 & 5. A fun day was enjoyed by all and we look forward to booking another Drama Workshop after Christmas.


Primary School in Oxfordshire