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Primary / Secondary

Street Dance & Hip-Hop

England, Scotland, Wales

EAT, SLEEP, DANCE, REPEAT! Step up to the beat in our summer skool jam!

Everyone LOVES Street Dance! It’s great for both boys and girls as it’s fast, cool and current. With so much Street Dance in our culture and media today, it is a familiar fun style that kids love to get moving to!

Dance to the latest beats in our exciting, energy-fuelled physical dance workshop! We incorporate loads of different vibrant styles within Street Dance:

  • HIP HOP – Fast and funky modern moves!
  • FUNK  – Old skool 80s street dance!
  • LOCKING & POPPING – Body isolations!
  • BREAKDANCE – Learn some basic safe moves!
  • FREESTYLE – You make the moves happen!
  • BATTLE STARS– At the end of our session classes will get to split in two and the STREET battle of moves will commence!


Option 1 – 2 x 2 hour workshops. 1 group in the morning and 1 group in the afternoon. There will be a final performance at the end of your school day for an audience of your choice.

Option 2 – 4 x 1 hour workshops in one day. We can work with a class size of 30 in each 1 hour workshop.


What One Day needs to succeed:

Number of Children

Four classes (up to 35 children per group)

Length of workshop

1 hour per class

Suitable for

KS1 / KS2 / KS3 & 4 / P1 - 3 / P4 - 7 / S1 - 3

Space needed

A large clear space (preferably a school hall) Please let us know if you have any special requirements!

What the children learn...

  • About the importance of dance and music
  • Teamwork, respect, confidence and responsibility, memory retention and movement
  • Choreography and motifs
  • Call and response
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Street Dance & Hip-Hop

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