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Staff & Parents

Staff Mindfulness

England, Scotland, Wales

Mindful Teachers = Mindful School = Mindful Pupils
Mindful Parents = Mindful Children = Mindful Families

We know that Mindfulness enhances the well-being and resilience of staff and parents, among many other benefits. We believe that adults need to have an understanding of the benefits of mindfulness, before they can be expected to encourage young people to embed this into their every day lives.

Mindfulness for Teachers

1 hour session

  • Looking at how we can use and teach Mindfulness to encourage a positive, whole school shift
  • We will discuss scenarios and areas where Mindfulness can have a profound effect when taught appropriately
  • We will give teachers tools and exercises that can be used in the classroom to encourage self-regulatory behaviour and develop emotional wellbeing within pupils

2 hour session

  • As above, plus additional focus on why Mindfulness is beneficial to us as teachers
  • How it can benefit the staff as a collective, as well as influence the school’s future growth and the development of its pupils
  • Introduction to methods and will practice Mindfulness exercises to learn the basics and understand its roots

Mindfulness for Parents

1 hour session

  • Understanding the essence of Mindfulness – what is it?
  • How can Mindfulness be beneficial to us as parents, what difference does it make to our children?
  • Practice some brief Mindfulness exercises and learn the basics

2 hour session

  • Now that we have some understanding, we can further explore how to introduce Mindfulness into the home
  • How can we use Mindfulness to encourage and manage our children’s behaviour at home?
  • Become equipped with tools and exercises to practice with our children, and how best to engage them with Mindfulness too

Our one or two hour taster sessions can take place at any time – during school or after hours. This can be booked separately, or as an add-on to a Mindfulness workshop day with your pupils.

"One Day created a bespoke package to suit our school, which included sessions for every class (Nursery to Yr 6) as well as a session for staff and governors. The sessions were accessible to all children regardless of need or ability and were very well received. We received emails from parents saying how positive their children had found the lessons. The staff and governors also thoroughly enjoyed the sessions but in doing so were able to see the benefits that could be achieved within their classes. The skills and strategies that were shared were manageable and easy to replicate so as a school we have continued to develop what we were taught. Thank you again for giving us ‘calm’ in a hectic world and the ability to ‘settle our glitter’!"

Deputy Head Teacher

Primary School in North Tyneside

What One Day needs to succeed:

Number of Children

No children here! 15-30 Teachers is ideal, but chat to us about your needs!

Length of workshop

1 - 2 Hours

Suitable for


Space needed

A large clear space (preferably a school hall) Please let us know if you have any special requirements!

What the children learn...

  • Children? This is for adults! Learn Mindfulness practice, encouraging positive mental health and wellbeing within both adults and children
  • Expressing ideas, thoughts and feelings through practice and creativity Confidence building, community of enquiry, teamwork and awareness of others
  • An increased understanding about the topic and how to implement it into the classroom and home environment
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Staff Mindfulness

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