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Primary / Secondary

BIG TOP Circus Skills

England, Scotland, Wales

Juggling, tightrope walking, spinning plates, stilt balancing - let us introduce your pupils to basic circus skills. Encouraging teamwork and building confidence, all whilst being a lot of fun!

Pupils will get the opportunity to learn the basics of juggling, firstly starting with silks that allow you to slow the juggling pattern down and learn quicker. Then they can try their hand at box, hoop and ball juggling as their confidence increases.

Pupils can also learn techniques needed to cross a tight rope with a piece of equipment that mimics the tight rope, but which is only a safe two feet off the ground. Acro-balance uses and improves pupils’ teamwork, motor and co-ordination skills as they work together in pairs to create shapes and balance on one another.

There is also a pair of stilts that your pupils can try under supervision and exciting diablos and spinning plates are also available to experience.

Within this workshop pupils will learn and enhance skills such as concentration, retention, conceptual understanding and self-awareness, which can be transferred to a social setting and applied to more conventional learning.


1 HOUR OPTION: You choose 4 classes or groups in 4 x 1 hour workshops scheduled throughout your school day.

2 HOUR OPTION: You choose 2 classes or groups to work with our director for 2 hours AM / 2 hours PM . Both groups will come together at the end of the day to create a performance at the end of your school day for peers and parents!

What One Day needs to succeed:

Number of Children

Two or Four classes (up to 35 children per group)

Length of workshop

1-2 hours per class

Suitable for

KS1 / KS2 / KS3 & 4 / P1 - 3 / P4 - 7 / S1 - 3

Space needed

A large clear space (preferably a school hall) Please let us know if you have any special requirements!

What the children learn...

  • Cross-curricular education
  • Reinforces positive learning, instilling enthusiasm to learn
  • Creative thinking
  • Unlimited possibilities and opportunities
  • Self-confidence
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BIG TOP Circus Skills

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