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Tweet Town

England, Scotland, Wales


Are you ready!? Let Felicity Fox & Cool Cat our friendly characters, take you on a tour of Tweet Town!! Tweet Town is the latest social media site where they can talk to their school friends, arrange meet-ups & play online games. Join them and play, introducing you to all their virtual friends!

Everybody has a profile on Tweet Town! Even that strange kid who stands on his own in the school playground. Everyone calls him Pinocchio because he has a really long nose. Nobody seems to like him and nobody talks to him. Sometimes when they are on Tweet Town, Cool Cat and Felicity Fox and their friends send him funny messages and post pictures of him which they have photoshopped. But that’s okay, because it’s only online and they are not hurting him in real life. It’s not like they are hitting him and kicking him. In real life they just leave him alone. So it’s not really bullying… Is it?

But Pinocchio IS a real boy, he has a name and a family and he is very very sad. So what can he do to get the kids at school to like him and to stop being mean to him online? Can your children help. 

In this exciting anti-bullying performance we see the story from both sides, from Cat and Fox who perhaps don’t realise they are being bullies… but can we really trust them? And from a real life boy, who just wants to live his life and make some friends. 

With our foot tapping music, exciting animations, intricate storytelling we transport your pupils into the online world of Tweet Town, where they will learn about what bullying is, the different forms it can take, and what we should do if we think it is happening to us. 

With an option for KS1, KS2 or whole school performance so you can cater the message for the age group you teach. We will leave your children educated and motivated to tackle bullying in all its forms and give them the tools and tips to be able to avoid becoming bullies themselves.

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