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Underground London

England, Scotland, Wales


We are placing London at the heart of your creative learning. The capital is the home of many wonderful innovations, institutions and great works that have extended the scope of every subject on the school curriculum! London lends itself to learning unlike anywhere else in the world.



  • Poems on the Underground – A creative journey local poetry and play scripts to read aloud and to perform, showing understanding through intonation, tone, volume and action – all whilst using drama!
  • Roman Londinium – Your class will come a child in Roman times & experience what life was like! They will have a well rounded understanding of the Roman Empire and have an understanding of it’s impact in Britain.
  • Crime and Punishment through the ages – Children will creatively explore Guy Fawkes & the Gunpowder Plot, Elizabeth Fry and Newgate Prison


  • London Reborn Post WW2 – Come with Mr Fox as we work out where to begin rebuilding London after the devastation of WW2. A creative look at the plans to rebuild the city after WW2.
  • What happened after the Great Fire of London – Mr Fox and friends stand on the banks of the Thames and look at the burnt out skyline – Can they rebuild London after the Great Fire! We will look at the comparisons of London after the fire and the steps that were taken to build the city back up!
  • “Did someone say the Hand Jive?!” – In this creative dance workshop, children will have the opportunity to learn where the Jive came from and why it grew in popularity! They will learn the key basic moves of this fascinating dance form – creating exciting high energy choreographed dance moves whilst having huge amounts of fun! *Available for KS1*


  • Our Government, Our Country! – Pupils will have to make democratic decisions, decide on Law & Order and find out what kind of education system they will need to develop on the ‘New Moon’ – perfect for developing pupils social and moral awareness. Ideal to accompany visits to the House of Commons!
  • We Are Britain! – Join us as we meet good old Queen Bess for a cuppa, take a hilarious taxi jive with Austin Powers and explore our unique, much-loved and multi-cultural country on an open top bus tour. We encourage pupils to show respect for other people, and encourage respect for democracy.

We have EVEN MORE themes available – please enquire for further details.

What One Day needs to succeed:

Number of Children

One or Two classes (up to 35 children per group) Full school day OR Four classes (up to 35 children per group) per group

Length of workshop

Full school day (we can break up the day into smaller sessions for multiple classes, just ask!)

Suitable for

KS1 / KS2

Space needed

A large clear space (preferably a school hall) Please let us know if you have any special requirements!

What the children learn...

  • Exploring how to use voice, movement and expression in role-play and drama
  • Expressing ideas, thoughts and feelings through role-play and drama
  • Individual confidence, public speaking, basic acting skills, teamwork and awareness of others
  • An increased understanding of the subject
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Underground London

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