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England, Scotland, Wales

Whether we're rich or poor, a saver or a spender, a 'tight wad' or a sharer, money is always on our minds. Learning to manage money is a key life skill and as we grow up, it's one that becomes ever more important.

Many children are planning for further study when they finish school. We want to help ensure they have a handle on their finances, understand the costs involved and know how to meet them. Worries about taking out a loan to fund their study can make some pupils think twice before they even go to college or university.

In this 2-hour creative session, pupils will understand that learning to manage money confidently is the best way to ensure a great future. We also highlight and investigate what it means to be ‘in debt’, how easy it can be to get into debt, and the difficulty of climbing back out again.

What the children learn...

  • How they can move forward in their financial understanding and how this can support their career
  • Discussing and expressing ideas and thoughts through role-play and drama
  • Increased confidence, speaking skills and presentation skills
  • How they can implement positive thinking, teamwork and problem solving in the working world
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